Built for Slow

Built For Slow is the one-man rock and punkabilly band created by Brian Smith and currently recording and performing in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. All the instruments you hear (with the exception of backup vocals) are performed simultaneously live.

Built For Slow was created out of a need to perform but not having to rely on outside musicians due to the shortage of them in some expat locations (Addis Ababa being one of them). After seeing Molly Jene the One Whoa-Man band, I thought I would take a shot at creating my own one-man rock band. What you hear is my first album done on the one-man band format. While I recorded, I tried to remain as faithful to the live show as I could. Everything you hear (except for the backup vocals) is what you would hear live at a Built For Slow show. This project took over a year due to work, kids, and life in general. I hope you enjoy it and please feel free to write and ask any questions. Thanks! Brian

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